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ZEN was performed and recording live at The Healing Weekend in July 2019. I used the three twenty minute performance slots I was given as an opportunity to create spaces for meditation. Also to express my way of intuitive recording in a Live enviroment. Magical moments can happen when you let go and just feel, which is what I do muscially. Music becomes a channel through which I express those moments sonically and so can give spaces of meditation and healing for others. ZEN is great for meditiation, healing and all alternative therapy or to just simply be at peace with. 

Cover artwork is  'Kami - Nature Spirit' by Ian David Spencer

for more of Ian's work visit  


  • 1. ZEN Meditation - Set 1

    2. ZEN Meditation - Set 2

    3. ZEN Meditation - Set 3


    Total Time 62 Minutes

    Also available in the Download Store 

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