Winter Stillness

This album was inspired by the stillness of Winter time, the thinning of the veil where the magic of the spirit world collides with the earthly realms in a wonder of mystery. This music is also a reflection of what was and to welcome in the new as like a musical bridge. I felt drawn to reflect back to some of my older work and re produce 6 carefully selected pieces with only using samples of a specially modifed Piano with Strings, breathy Choirs and very light chimes that themselves give an extra Winter twinkle. These new re workings are woven between 4 newly composed tracks, 2 of which have the same theme and they welcome and close the sound space like sonic bookends. Winter Stillness is very gentle, heartfelt, relaxing and weaves sprinkles of elemental lightness for a magical time of year. 

This album was recorded in 432 Hz frequency.

Cover artwork 'Winter's Dream' by Patrick Gamble  

Winter Stillness

  • 1. Winter Stillness 

    2. Divine

    3. Forbidden Love

    4. A Midwinter Blessing

    5. A Lost Past Remembered

    6. Guardian of the Forest

    7. Spirit of Mistletoe

    8. My Faerie Love

    9. Landscape of Dreams

    10. Winter Stillness (Choral)

    Total Time : 59 mins


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