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Resonation of Angels

Resonation of Angels was recorded without rehearsal in a totally intuitive way, during an Angel Healing workshop in Perranporth, Cornwall. Using gentle sound sweeps with an Angelic flavour as well as soft flutes, pianos, harp and strings Resonation of Angels is a good album for meditation, healing or to just sit and feel each Angel vibration relaxing the mind and body. Recorded in a specifc sequence for vibrational Angelic sound healing for each of the seven Chakras. Peaceful, reflective and healing. 

Resonation of Angels

  • 1. Gabriel

    2. Zadkiel

    3. Uriel

    4. Chamuel

    5. Michael

    6. Raphael

    7. Jophiel


    Total Time 62 minutes

    Also available in the Download Store 

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