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Journey Songs

Journey Songs is a collaborative work of heartful musical expression. It was a real blessing to work with my friend Tom Brennan, a wonderful Native American Flute player. Destiny brought us together to share our sound journey of healing and creative intensity. Through connection with music we became “SoulWeavers”, with the intention to be to take the listener on a beautiful journey to stir the soul and warm the heart.

Tom plays Native American Flutes on all tracks and Natalie Shaw adds her haunting voice to the last song 'Deepness'.


Cover Artwork “The Hug” by Heather Dawn.

For more information and artwork by Heather visit her website


Journey Songs

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  • 1. Echoes Past

    2. Journey Song

    3. The Longing

    4. Dream Traveller

    5. Harmony of Hearts

    6. Winged Dreams

    7. Closeness

    8. Passion

    9. Deepness


    Total Time 65 minutes

    Also available in the Download Store 

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