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Fables from the Waterfall

Fables from the Waterfall brings together and weaves a subtle blend of sound conveying a story of a day and nights journey along a waterfall.

Using personal recordings of local rivers and waterfall from Dartmoor, I hoped to bring the listener closer to my inspirations and feelings. Armelle Vancaemelbecke and Paul Scollay guest to provide their soft sound of Celtic harp and guitar respectfully to add an acoustic element to the album.

Fables from the Waterfall is a soothing, relaxing journey gently woven together by the beautiful sounds of the woodlands.


Cover artwork "The Magic of St Nectans Glen" by Laura Cooper

Fables from the Waterfall

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  • 1. Enchanted Falls

    2. Woodland Dawn

    3. Reflection of my Love

    4. Faerie Dream

    5. Song of the Dreaming Pool

    6. Silent Echoes

    7. Shadows at Dusk

    8. Moonlight of Midnight

    9. Return to the Falls

    10. River of Destiny


    Total Time 74 minutes

    Also available in the Download Store 

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